We know that you are going to have an amazing year! We encourage you to do your very best and give 100% to your education and activities, to ensure you have a successful future ahead of you. The faculty at Vision Academy are dedicated to your personal enrichment and overall educational achievements. Always know we are here whenever you need us!!

Our mission is to provide a robust learning environment that allows students to develop their potential, to prepare for college by collaborations with community agencies and relevant organizations.

Each year our graduation rate increases as more students matriculate through our program. We draw a clear pathway for our high school graduates which guides students to post-secondary training, education, and workforce opportunities.

Our philosophy at Vision Academy is:  

          ·   All students, especially at-risk students, are capable of excelling academically when given the supportive services they need to focus on their academic goals;

          · Academic success should not be limited to what is taught in a classroom, but must encourage and include life experiences as well as hands-on learning to help develop the whole student;

          ·  Relevance and rigor must exist in practice as well as in policy and should include academic ideas as well as personnel practices;


          ·   It is our belief that everyone WINS! Every Student, Every Staff, Every Parent, Every Day!...

If you have not yet registered for the upcoming school year and you would like to attend Vision Academy, please click this link fill out our enrollment https://www.visionacademyschools.com/about-us/?preview=true&zn_pb_edit=1#form.

If you have questions, concerns or need to talk to a counselor or other faculty staff about any topic, click here to send us an email


Here's a short list of some of our most popular activities, check in the office for more info: FCA, Student Ambassadors, Entrepreneurship, Wednesday Champions Brawl, Monday Morning Logistics, Externship Program, 200 Fathers Program


Whether you're a walker, ride the bus, catch a ride or drive yourself, your safety is very important. please be cautious and know who you're getting in a car with. Always make wise safe choices, and NEVER TEXT AND DRIVE!!!!


  • Student Arrival: 8:15AM – 8:28AM
  • First Period: 8:30AM – 9:45AM
  • Second Period: 9:50AM – 11:15AM
  • Lunch: 11:20AM – 11:50AM
  • Third Period: 11:55AM – 1:05PM
  • Fourth Period: 1:10PM – 2:30PM
  • Flex 1: 2:35PM – 3:05PM
  • Flex 2: 3:10PM – 4:10PM