The Learning Solutions

LEA is Committed to Student Success.

The school system administration (school site and district staff) regularly evaluates all areas of student instruction at Vision Academy. This evaluation includes observations, interviews and surveys of students, teachers, and parents to determine what areas need to be improved. The information obtained during this inquiry has been used to prepare a School Improvement Plan. These plans require on-going classroom instruction and teacher training to focus on improving target areas each year for our students at Vision Academy.

Vision Academy has also analyzed test scores and other data to continue refining all areas of academic need. The school will implement reading and math literacy strategies, tutorial programs, technology assisted instruction, and innovative math strategies. Consultants will work alongside the administration and staff to provide the necessary instructional leadership to identify the most effective instructional practices for the diverse student population attending Vision Academy.

Additional assistance includes:

  • Additional support staff will include a curriculum consultant to complete all professional development training and contracted Services for Math & ELA
  • Supplemental Services and tutoring
  • Opportunity to participate in programming that provides mentoring, tutoring, home visits and meals.
  • Early Morning School Reinforcement of Skills / Tutoring Staffing with highly qualified teachers and paraprofessionals
  • Effective professional development program for all instructional and paraprofessionals staff based on research-based best practices targeting student engagement and academic success
  • Tutoring aid for parents to work at the school after school to tutor their students
  • Additional instructional staff support will include as stated a Curriculum Consultant, student life coordinator, Content Specialist , Behavioral Strategist, in class therapist, Reading/Math Coordinator, State and District Support Personnel as well as Contracted Academic Support for Math & ELA from the local Universities
  • University tutors and in class therapist will provided during the school day for students identified with weaknesses in Math &ELA
  • Increased level of dual enrollment opportunities for both vocational and content specific courses
  • On-line distance learning curriculum
  • Quarterly Open Mic/Open House events
  • Quarterly Prescriptive Benchmark Assessments for data driven classrooms
  • Additional remedial Math and remedial English assistance

Families are encouraged to arrange conferences and volunteer as much as possible on our team.